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hey other Makorra shippers

yah you

listen up

I love you guys more than anyone else; you’re all awesome. But here’s a tip. Please don’t hate on other ships, okay? There are a few ships I really can’t stand, but I would never dish out any sort of hatred whatsoever because

  1. It’s disrespectful
  2. It’s really disrespectful
  3. It makes you look like a jerk
  5. Aren’t you sick of people hating on Makorra? I know I am. So why do that to other people? Treat others the way you want to be treated and all that jazz, yah? 

Please, the SS Makorra doesn’t need any more reasons to be hated. The majority of us are very respectful people who just want to love our ship in peace, so I’m begging you, don’t make us all look bad. 

I know you might want to get your negative opinions out there about that ship you don’t like, but how about holding your tongue, scrolling past, and instead ranting about it in private to a friend later? Please?

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    nonono, please, opinions are great! It’s your blog, go ahead and post your opinions, please! I mean just don’t go...
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    But seriously. Legitimate criticism of a ship is fine, just don’t go around bashing a ship and ESPECIALLY don’t tag your...
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    Its ok to not like a ship But you don’t have to go and be a dick about it its ok to not like ships But you don’t be a...
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